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Installing your Registration Key

The registation key is required to continue using Easy Password Manager after 40 days. For details on purchasing a registration key click here.

The most up to date Registration Key Installation should have been provided with the registration key. The main details are provided here for convenience:

Summary Descripion
Have key ready. Have your registration key to hand. In most cases it would have arrived by email and is a file called regkey.epk.
Find EPM program folder.

Locate the installation path of your Easy Password Manager program folder. If you used the default settings, this may be:

  • C:\Program Files\Easy Password ManagerV2

But if it is not in this location then you are looking for a folder called:

  • Easy Password ManagerV2

If you cannot find the program folder manually, use the Windows "Find" utility to locate the folder"Easy Password ManagerV2". The find utitlity should be available from you Window "Start" menu and is documented in Windows Help file.

Copy Key to Folder. Make a copy of your registration key and place the copy into the Easy Password Manager program folder. It's a good idea to keep your original key in a safe place should you need to reinstall the software another time.
Thats it! That's it! The next time you start Easy Password Manager should detect the registration key.

Further Details

The registration key is a small file called regkey.epk which contains unique information as to the details of a registration. The registration key is only intended for its licenced owner and authorised uses. See the Licence Agreement for more information.

When you place the Registration Key into the Easy Password Manager program folder, the next time EPM starts it will detect this and check the key is valid. Assuming the key is valid, EPM will lift the 40 day usage restrictoin and allow its use indefinetly.

After installation of the key, EPM moves the key to the EPMdata folder. It need to remain in this folder for EPM to start otherwise the application will not start correctly.

Important: The installation key need to remain in constant place in order to continue using Easy Password Manager. Removal of the regsistration key will prevent Easy Password Manager from login in to any user accounts.

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