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Auto Login


Auto Login allows single click login to many Internet Accounts (Services). Before Auto Login will work with a particular service, it needs to be configured for that service and Easy Password Manager first needs to record the Login process once, so it knows how to do it on subsequent occasions. Once configured, using the "Login" button on the Main Password Window, will replay the steps of login in thus saving the user time and the inconvenience of manually login in. See the Compatibility section at the end of this help page for what's needed to make Auto Login work.

Buttons from the Main Password window that control Auto Login:

Start Auto Login Wizard
This button is available when Auto Login has not been configured for a service. Pressing this button will start the Auto Login Recording Wizard provided that Auto Login has not been disabled in the Preferences. Once Auto Login is configured for a service, the Login button becomes the Login button with the green arrow like below.
Auto Login
This button is only available when Auto Login has been configured for a service and it replaces the Login button without a green arrow. The green arrow on the button is the indicator a to whether Auto Login has been configured for the service.
Open Auto Login Per Service Configuration
This button will open the Auto Login, Per Service Configuration window which allows some customisation of the behaviour of Auto Login for each individual service.

Recording Process

The Auto Login Recording Wizard will walk the user through the steps required to record the Auto Login process. The main steps in recording Auto Login are summarised below. See the Wizard help guide for more information.

Full Auto Login recording steps summary:

Once the service you want to configure is selected from the Main Password window, press the "Login" button on the Main Password window to start the Auto Login Recording Wizard.
If necessary, read the tips and pointers that the wizard presents to you and eventually you should get to the tips page where the "Start Web Browser" button is available.
On the web browser that opens, navigate to the web page where you login to the selected service.
Fill out the web login form by dragging relevant fields from EPM, setting radio buttons, checkboxes etc. (Make sure you use the mouse rather then keyboard).
Complete Auto Login Recording by clicking the final login or submit button that is on the web form. (Just as you normally would).



Auto Login will not work with every web site. Namely websites that ask a different security question each time the user logs in will not be supported. E.g. If your bank account randomly asks you for a character at a certain position and the character it asks for is different each time, EPM will not be able to support this.

Also, websites that make heavy use of the website technology called "Frames" may not perform as expected during the login recording process. This may change in future versions.

Important Note: At present the Auto Login feature is only functional on Microsoft's Internet Explorer Version 5 and above Browsers. We may add support for more browsers in the future.

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